One confirmed fatality in hotel collapse, officials evacuating nearby buildings


Fourcase says the building is still very unstable, as well as the crane.

At least one person is dead and several people are unaccounted for, according to Louisiana State Governor John Bel Edwards.

At around 10:15 am ET, the upper three floors of the building collapsed, according to Tim McConnell, New Orleans Fire Department Superintendent. He confirmed three people are still missing, and it is unknown whether they walked off from the site or are trapped. An additional 18 people were transported to area hospitals, and one patient who refused treatment on the scene.

"It's still a very unsafe situation", he said.

The upper six to eight floors of the Hard Rock Hotel, which had been under construction for several months, came crashing onto the streets of downtown New Orleans Saturday.

According to, a rescue mission is now underway at the hotel and an urban search and rescue team are sweeping the building for the three missing workers "despite fear of an additional crane collapse". Nearby buildings have been evacuated. Authorities said no one on the ground was injured in the collapse.

WWL-TV aired and tweeted a viewer's dramatic video of the collapse. As dust settled following the morning collapse, twisted metal, concrete pilings and other wreckage covered part of Rampart Street.

"Please avoid the area & listen to public safety officials", the New Orleans Office of Homeland Security said on Twitter.

The Hard Rock Hotel was planned as an 18-story building with 350 rooms for the guests and a large swimming pool.

Plans for the mixed use development project were first unveiled in February 2018.