ONWARD Trailer Promises Magic and Another Emotional Pixar Story


Onward's new preview plays up the comedic elements of the fantasy-adventure, with elf moms throwing yoga-busting shapes, feral unicorns running rampant in caves, pixie biker gangs stocking up on snacks and, in one particularly amusing clip, Ian accidentally shrinking Barley down to miniature in a growth spell gone-wrong.

Onward will be a bit different from a lot of Pixar flicks, following characters set in an urban fantasy world rather than following characters in a world quite similar to ours. This sends both elf brothers on a journey to find the literal head and torso that belonged to their father, all the while traveling with a certain part of him: his legs. It's a world where unicorns exist, but they're the equivalent of raccoons rummaging through your trash. From the trailer, we learn that their dad left a special gift for them with their mother, voiced by Julia Luis-Dreyfus: a magical staff that when used with a magic spell, will bring him back for a "visit", but only for one day. So, they then go in search of someone who can help them bring their father's entire body back before it's too late. "[She was] once a fearless warrior whose tavern served as a way-station for travelers embarking on epic quests", reads the release. However, though the creature has adapted to the less-than-magical times, an adventurous spirit still lurks within.

This might not be the Spider-Man/Starlord crossover, but it looks like a fun movie and knowing Pixar, there will be a ton of emotion.

Of course, we can also tell that it will totally make us ugly cry. Yeah, we can already feel the tears coming.

"Onward" releases in theaters on March 6, 2020.