Watch and Hear the New Song!


Almost two years after his debut solo album, Harry Styles is releasing some new music.

Harry has shared the video to the song, in which he is largely shirtless and grinds and dances with other scantily-clad people, with the whole group soaking wet.

Harry Styles fans could barely contain their excitement as the singer burst back onto the scene with a steamy new song.

The track was produced by its co-writers, Tyler Johnson and Kid Harpoon. But on a day of LGBTQ visibility, "Lights up and they know who you are/Do you know who you are?" sound like a rallying cry. It seems likely that "Do You Know Who You Are?" is the name of the new album. Not surprisingly, they absolutely loved it, with one fan writing, "I've never loved Harry Styles more than I do right now". While the star has yet to reveal any details about the record, his buddy, Fleetwood Mac's Stevie Nicks, firmly insisted fans will not be disappointed, as she spoke with The Face magazine recently.

Styles said at the time that it was a great stamp of approval to get, "It's a double-edged thing".

"You've heard it so much by this point, you forget that people haven't heard it before". Every organisation has a phone or text line that's available to anyone regardless of how big or small you feel your problem is.

One fan called Styles "definitely god", while another joked that the former One Direction singer "is the only man allowed to have rights. He's made a very different record and it's incredible.".