Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Patch Adds New Maps, Nerfs Shotgun


When your team is within the hardpoint, your teams' score increases, though if none of your team have made it to the hardpoint, there are no points gained. Ground War got Krovnik Farmland, while a Multiplayer upgrade was added to the Shoot House.

As previously promised, Call of Duty will be launching their first battle pass for the Modern Warfare reboot just in time for Christmas this year (2019). The various other multiplayer modes are much of the same, but still acting as very welcome palate cleansers should you tire of one mode or another.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been out for approximately two weeks now.

Hardpoint is also a nice addition to the game since it is always good to have a variety of modes.

Infinity Ward will be releasing a mix of free content, along with fun community events and celebrations regularly, and this free content is just the beginning.

Fix for a bug where a player being killed by an enemy with a Variable Zoom Scope would not see the zoom function in the killcam. Surely, these guys love to see Call of Duty: Modern Warfare being cracked, so expect that their team are already trying to exploit the game.

Mounted an field the put the throwing knife and Thermite weren't causing the shield to bolt on the participant's aid when thrown. We've also fixed the issue where explosive splash damage wasn't working consistently. We'll continue to tune the Insurrection Defend in future updates.

Removed the ability for enemies to hear when they've been called out by the opposing team. We additionally adjusted the enemy callouts so that they're never out of your Operator. Today's update addresses a lot of these major issues that really punished players for moving around. We have another large footstep change coming in the next update which will make crouch and ADS movement significantly quieter.

Each day Challenges and Energetic Missions are getting a corpulent sweep of testing and fixes.