Erdogan: Turkey arrested slain ISIS leader Baghdadi's wife, other relatives


The U.S. knows "almost nothing" about the man who has succeeded Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to lead the Daesh/ISIS terrorist organization, a senior State Department official said Wednesday.

He added: "Similarly, we also captured his sister and brother-in-law in Syria", he said in a speech at Ankara University.

He expressed his rejection to the West's use of the term "Islamicterrorism", noting that "the terrorist is a person who kills people forhis own cause and this does not mean that a Muslim is a terrorist".

Rasmiya Awad, 65, was detained in a raid near Azaz, the official said, referring to a Turkish-controlled Syrian town near the border.

President Donald Trump declared, on Oct 27, al-Baghdadi's death in anoperation carried by American Forces in northwestern Syria's Idlibprovince.

The compound of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is seen moments before an air strike in the Idlib region of Syria from video taken on October 26, 2019. "We have also caught his sister and her husband", Erdogan said in an address in Ankara.

Baghdadi, 48, died on Sunday after he blew up his suicide vest following the United States raid on his compound in Syria's Idlib province, some four miles from Turkish border.

According to Baghdadi's brother-in-law Mohamad Ali Sajit, who is in Iraqi custody, he had four wives when he last met him in the summer of 2018 - the maximum allowed under Islamic law. It's noteworthy to mention, that during the past several years, there had been a number of reports about the death of al-Baghdadi; the reports, however, were refuted by the terrorist group at that time.

One of al-Baghdadi's wives is an Iraqi known by the name of Nour, the daughter of one of his aides, Abu Abdullah al-Zubaie.

No more details Erdogan said. At one point, al-Baghdadi was also believed to have married to a German teenager in 2015 but she was reported to have fled a year later. She had left al-Baghdadi in 2009 while pregnant with his daughter. Last month, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said two of Bagdadi's wives were killed during the raid. The group named a successor to al-Baghdadi days later, but little is known about him or how the group's structure has been affected by the successive blows.

Up and until his death, al-Baghdadi had moved from place to place in eastern Syria amid a tightening USA -led campaign against his group as IS-held territory fell bit by bit.

When captured, she was also accompanied by five children.