Instagram CEO Says the Platform Will Test Hiding 'Likes' Starting Next Week


Mosseri said the test will begin in the U.S. starting next week and the like count from the posts of some users may vanish.

Instagram is testing hidden "like" counts in seven countries Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Japan, and New Zealand.

Posting on Instagram can come with a rush of validation when likes from friends and strangers come pouring in. Instagram boss Adam Mosseri told NBC in October that the effort was meant to "make Instagram feel less pressurized, to make it less of a competition".

Instagram's follower counts and likes have made it one of the top places online to compare one's popularity with others, especially among teens and young adults. Studies have linked social media use to an increase in depression and anxiety, and now tech companies are thinking about rolling back features that could harm a person's mental health.

With the new move, an Instagram user will be able to see how many "likes" their photos or videos receive, however, the public will not.

Speaking at the Wired 25 conference in San Francisco, Mosseri estimated there were about several hundred people in the audience and said some of them would definitely see their likes hidden.

"When you remove engagement indicators, people engage less", Beykpour said while briefing journalists at Twitter headquarters in San Francisco earlier this year. Do you think Instagram should hide the like counts from posts? According to Mosseri, the test won't impact all users, instead going live on select accounts to start with.