Is Need for Speed Heat cross platform?


Burn through the streets of Palm City in Need for Speed Heat.

Need For Speed Heat entices the fans of arcade racing games with exciting gameplay and a variety of mechanics that allow you to create your own level of comfort.

Need for Speed Heat is a conglomeration Need for Speeds past.

Need for Speed Heat gives you the chance to drive the hybrid-electric performance, Polestar 1, for the first time ever, as well as some of the most iconic auto brands in the world.

"At its core Need for Speed is about custom rides, adrenaline-filled races with cops and without them and showcasing the latest in vehicle customization". The game also offers the deepest customization the series has ever seen, including a range of options for both performance and style, which gives players the tools they need to create their ideal high-octane, anything-goes, dream auto. Some may say that the new game didn't have any serious competition since 2015's Need for Speed and 2017's Payback were not the games players hoped they would be but it looks like Heat brings some new features to the table, which aim to be a breath of fresh air in the franchise.

Need For speed Heat offers you Palm City to race to your heart's content.

USgamer (3/5) - "Need for Speed Heat is better than Payback, but since it's two years later that still means it's just... good". By night time the races are unsanctioned, utilizing spot on open up roads and leaving you uncovered to the realm regulation enforcement energy, your "rep" - or quantity, in easy aged-fashioned on-line video games talk - rising as you escape escalating warmth concentrations.

Also, remember that EA Access or Origin Access Basic subscribers can try the first ten hours of the game without further disbursements. PlayStation is a registered trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Eurogamer (no score) - "This might still be a little way off of the series' best, but at least Heat serves as a reminder of what can be so special about Need for Speed".