Japanese women fight ban against wearing glasses at work


In addition to the hashtag, Japanese women are also posting photos of their glasses on social media in rebellion, reports Quartz.

However, It is not clear whether the ban was based on company policies or instead reflected what was socially accepted practice in those workplaces.

The theme tag "No Glasses" is very popular in Japan, and the topic continues to attract tweets on Friday. In March, the females voiced their disagreement with companies asking women to wear makeup at work.

Kumiko Nemoto, a professor of sociology at Kyoto University of Foreign Studies said these things are outdated.

The Japanese say that the chiefs run by an old Japanese principles on the role of women, forcing them to force the girls to look a certain way because it supposedly can affect the company's revenues.

She added that the report reflects The idea of "ancient Japanese tradition".

Retail chains are one of the companies in Japan have banned glasses. Strong social media attention.

More than 21,000 people signed an online petition started by Japanese writer and actress Yumi Ishikawa earlier this year that called for a ban on compulsory high heels at work, in what has been known as the #KuToo movement.

"Women are evaluated mostly on their appearance", she said.

The Guardian quoted a since-deleted Tweet from festival director Thierry Frémaux saying, "the rumor saying the festival insists on high heels for women ot he red carpet is unfounded".

When a group submitted a petition in June calling on the government to ban the high-heeled shoe requirement, then-Health, Labor and Welfare Minister Takumi Nemoto said he was fine with the status quo, according to Kyodo News.