Jonas Brothers: 'Like It's Christmas' Stream, Lyrics, & Download


The Jonas Brothers have released their own Christmas carol, Like It's Christmas, and we have to admit that we like it very much. Expect to hear their track, "Like It's Christmas", everywhere this holiday season because it'll have you rocking around the Christmas tree...and maybe thinking about Christmas circa 2008.

Nick Jonas, 27, Joe Jonas, 30, and big bro Kevin Jonas, 32, first gave us a heads up for "Like It's Christmas" earlier this week on Monday, November 4. The JoBros continue, "So the holiday season has begun!" Along with that they also announced that they were going to release an original special Christmas song for their fans to enjoy. While the audio of the song has already gone viral on the internet, fans are eagerly waiting for the Jonas Brothers to release the video as well.

Right here is now not the most important Jonas Brothers Christmas tune, however it without a doubt's the most important Jonas Brothers Christmas tune in a extraordinarily, very long time. Over at her Instagram, Mariah (soundless in her Halloween costume) went to mattress on Halloween and aroused from sleep in her Christmas pajamas to a call from Santa Claus on November 1.

Jonas Brothers fans seemingly have Mariah to thank for this new song.

The Jonas Brothers have always taken the holiday seriously.

As for the song itself, "Like It's Christmas" does not disappoint. You make every day feel like it's Christmas.

They teased the track's release on Twitter earlier this week.

Speaking to People, Nick made it clear that after the group's six-year hiatus, massive comeback, and subsequent album and world tour, the boys are here to stay.