Man plays 'fetch' with Beluga whale , watch adorable video


South Africa's national rugby union team won the Rugby World Cup for the third time this weekend, defeating England 32-12. A friendly beluga whale was filmed playing "fetch" with a rugby ball and it's pretty cute.

As you can see in the video, it happily goes after the ball and returns it to the crew before tossing it out again for another go. Within seconds, a swift beluga whale is seen scooping the ball in its mouth and bringing it back to the man on the boat.

The bond between man and beluga whales just got a whole lot stronger.

Since being shared online one day ago, the video has collected over 4.1 million views on Twitter, along with a number of amazed and impressed comments.

Beluga whales are highly sociable and have shown curiosity towards humans in the past. Twitter users have showered the video with love in the form of comments full of amazement and awe. Apparently that trait extends well beyond the beluga whales at waterparks. They also like to play with the objects they find in the water.