Ohio State expects 4-game suspension for star Chase Young


ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit announced that Young is most likely suspended for four games and LeBron was not happy about that.

Young, widely considered a top NFL-draft prospect, accepted an improper loan from a family friend, which was used to fly his girlfriend out to the Buckeyes' 2019 Rose Bowl Game vs. Washington.

Ohio State fan LeBron James spoke out about Young's situation on Twitter and blasted the NCAA.

Young admitted on social media Friday that he "made a mistake past year by accepting a loan from a family friend".

The NCAA declined to comment on James' remarks when reached by ABC News. And, given the widespread backlash to the investigation against Young, it's not surprising James weighed in.

In another post, James said, "They don't care about them kids at all".

"The fact Chase Young even had to borrow money from a family member just so his girlfriend could come see him play in one of the biggest games of his life (Rose Bowl) should tell you all you need to know", James said.

Meanwhile, a matchup that is now only two weeks away could be played without one of Ohio State's stars.

The decision, whatever it ends up being, will undoubtedly have significant implications for both the Buckeyes' postseason goals and for Young, the potential No. 1 pick in next year's National Football League draft.