Olivia Colman reveals meeting with Prince William didn't go very well


Actress Olivia Colman, who won Best Actress at the 2019 Academy Awards for her role in "The Favourite", says she can not remember the moment when she bagged the award.

Carter added that she spent a ton of time preparing to play Princess Margaret in comparison to Colman's prep - "I do everything to prepare and Olivia does nothing, and she ends up being completely brilliant".

The 45-year-old star won Best Actress at the 2019 Academy Awards for her role in "The Favourite" and although it was a high point of her career, she has very little memory of the evening because she was in the bar getting "bladdered" for most of it. The gargantuan thing about the Oscars is there may perchance be a bar correct in the wait on of [the auditorium] so everybody looks to be there.

"It didn't go very well".

Colman continued, "I was so psyched and requested, "Have you watched ['The Crown"]?' His remedy was a organization, 'No.' But he was extremely charming and very wonderful". His answer was a firm, "No".

Beaming as she met the royal, Olivia regarded natty in a gray and tartan coat-costume and unlit fascinator, chatting to Princess Anne as she obtained her medal.

Olivia appeared on the talk show alongside her co-star Helena Bonham Carter, who is set to play Princess Margaret in the Netflix series. "I did nothing, though I did have a movement coach, but still I walked like me, or rather like a farmer", she said.

Olivia correct proves time and time all over again that she is dreams by arrangement of messing around with family and friends.

Olivia and Helena were joined on the show by Chadwick Boseman, comedian and actor Richard Ayoade, lady in waiting Lady Anne Glenconner, and singer Niall Horan.

The Graham Norton Show airs at 10.40pm tonight on BBC One.

The Crown returns to Netflix on November 17.