Overwatch 2’s launch date is all to play for, says Jeff Kaplan


BlizzCon 2019 will offer free live streaming through its website or the BlizzCon mobile app. Even if they have authenticity behind them, Blizzard may choose to hold off on the announcement. Read on to find out! If you haven't heard about Diablo Immortal or simply forgot that it exists, here is a quick rundown of everything Blizzard announced until now.

The big addition of Diablo 4, however, is that it now takes place in a shared open world.

Our artists are heartbroken: They take such care to make the art look attractive, and then we get some crappy version of what the art looks like...and then people are like, "I don't know it doesn't look that good" and we're like, no it does, it looks awesome! "We are going back to the franchise's darker roots".

Diablo IV will be released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but there is no confirmed release date.

He also revealed that "every one of the 31 heroes, plus more, are getting an upgraded look to them". Instead of the full 21 maps that now feature, only 12 will be played in each competitive season - the same number that have been used for each Stage of the Overwatch League. All attendees and virtual ticket holders will be granted access beginning Tuesday.

Overwatch 2 now doesn't have a confirmed release date, but expect more information in the near future. "But when you get to something like Ashava, the world boss, you'll see more people are allowed to be there for that type of event, because obviously that would be probably impossible without a few groups of people". Well, we thought about it, and for us as gamers, sequels make us nervous.

The 15th Anniversary events will begin on Tuesday, November 5th.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is the next chapter of the World of Warcraft saga.

Shadowlands is coming next year and is now available for preorder.

The cinematic trailer shows a priest - voiced by Abubakar Salim - reluctantly puzzling his way through a tomb with his companions, in his quest for knowledge, but this was an apple that was perhaps best left unplucked.

Over the weekend, we revealed how Overwatch 2's game director Jeff Kaplan said he had "no idea" when the Overwatch sequel would be released, now he's been joined by Diablo's game director Luis Barriga. The story so far... Progression can come forward with you, and players of the earlier version can play the new version with people. This includes maps and new heroes such as Storm Rising.