The Stretchers is now available on Nintendo Switch


Nintendo has announced and released two-player cooperative action game The Stretchers for Switch via the Nintendo eShop in Japan for 2,000 yen.

Gamers tackle the position of a two-person rescue group referred to as "The Stretchers", and should reply to rescue calls from across the island to rescue the lightheaded islanders.

In this way you will be able to guide your ambulance to where it is needed, striving to reach your patients: you will have to break through walls, soar into the sky and even face dangers of every kind to try to get the better of adversity. Once at the scene, the two medics must gather all the Dizzies on a stretcher or "grab them by their limbs" and bring them back to the ambulance.

There's also several side missions that involve sawing down trees, building ramps, blowing up rocks, and the odd game of hide and seek.

Nintendo unveiled a new smaller title for the Nintendo Switch system titled The Stretchers last night. It is possible to play solo, but players will need to control both medics at once. Their Home Base will also enjoy a bit of TLC with unlockable furniture, like an Arcade Machine that replays missions so that players can find bonus items they missed first time round. A new Nintendo-published effort hit the eShop out of the blue, which is news that might have some Switch owners feeling lightheaded.