What's love got to do with this Tina Turner quiz?


Warren's Turner is joined at this climactic moment by a full rock band and the performance turns into a mini Tina Turner gig - full of whooping, wild dancing and stunning vocals.

The Tina Turner Musical reveals the struggling life of the 60's queen Tina and how she fought bravely and nourished her talent of singing. She was also nominated for a Tony for her 2016 performance in "Shuffle Along".

Afterward, it also showcases the life of Tina when she visited London in search of good music, and that is the time when she gave her the most prominent hit song named "What's Love Got To Do With It".

The songs were re-lived at Broadway's, Lunt- Fontanne Theatre on 7th November.

Tina: The Tina Turner Musical is now playing on Broadway.

To be sure, the narrative arc is hardly challenging, advancing step by step in strict chronological order as dictated by the trajectory of the songs.

But as director Phyllida Lloyd (who helmed Mamma Mia! in both its stage and film versions) careens through the play's paces - from a pint-size Anna Mae Bullock's beginnings in Nutbush, Tennessee to her fateful meeting as a teenager in St. Louis with the man who would mold and rename her, on through their tumultuous union and her unlikely break into solo stardom in her mid-40s - pretty much every note of nuance is lost in the razzle-dazzle rush. Daniel J. Watts plays Ike Turner in the Broadway production. Bad News in slicked-down hair and shiny suit, riding in his pink Cadillac.

"Tina: The Tina Turner Musical", delivers all that is expected and more. And "Better Be Good to Me" is a sadly ironic hint of what's in store for little Miss Anna Mae from Nutbush, Tenn.

Prior to getting on stage, Turner and Winfrey walked the red carpet arm-in-arm at the theater, waving at fans gathered to watch. After seeing "Tina" you realize "We Don't Need Another Hero" because she's already here! Playwright Katori Hall's book (written with Frank Ketelaar and Kees Prins) deals gingerly with his furious narcissism, his sudden jealous rages and his propensity for violence. Everyone in the studio is stunned into silence, but Tina tosses it off, as she always does these bursts of rage.

What looms over Hall's squeezed-from-concentrate storytelling most, inevitably, is What's Love Got to Do With It - the 1993 biopic that essentially followed the same narrative, with infinitely more subtlety and space to unfurl. But in this instance, a few choice words are all it takes to let us know that Ike has Tina locked in an abusive relationship.

The show will feature Turner's iconic music and depict her life. Instead, their frenetic, glitter-strewn script rushes headlong through almost every scene, galloping past the biographical milestones of an extraordinary life only long enough to mark them and move on to what the audience has presumably come for: the music.