People Thousands Hit Downtown LA Streets For Immigration Protest
Author: 0 Thousands Hit Downtown LA Streets For Immigration Protest

DW's Michael Knigge met with Krzystof Sadlej from New York City , who had emigrated with his family from Poland when he was a boy and come to the USA under the diversity visa program that Trump wants to abolish. "Who's ready to take action?" asked Marpheen Chann, 27, the son of Cambodian refugees and a board member of the Greater Portland Immigrant Welcome Center, speaking from a microphone at the top of the City Hall steps.

People EU Leaders Reach Agreement On Migrant Crisis
Author: 0 EU Leaders Reach Agreement On Migrant Crisis

Former communist countries in Eastern Europe, particularly the authoritarian governments of Hungary and Poland, implacably oppose the relocation of migrants. "They also agreed to tighten their external border and increase financing for Turkey, Morocco and other North African states to prevent migration to Europe".

People Delhi: Bodies of 7 women, 4 men found from house in Burari
Author: 0 Delhi: Bodies of 7 women, 4 men found from house in Burari

Ten of the bodies were found hanging from the ceiling, while a 70-year-old woman was found dead on the floor of the house, Mr Kumar said. Seven of the victims are women, including three teenagers, while four are men. Police said they received a call at about 8 am from near Guru Govind Singh Hospital in Sant Nagar of Burari area, informing them about the tragedy. Police say they are investigating all angles, including a murder-suicide pact.

People Killed In Maryland Newsroom Shooting
Author: 0 Killed In Maryland Newsroom Shooting

Crime reporter Phil Davis was in the office when the alleged shooter killed five of his colleagues. He's described as having long hair. An avid sports fan, he wrote extensively about the topic and was the author of two books about his alma mater, the University of Maryland , the Baltimore Sun said.

People Five killed in ‘targeted’ shooting at Maryland newspaper
Author: 0 Five killed in ‘targeted’ shooting at Maryland newspaper

Also slain were editorial page editor Gerald Fischman; special publications editor Wendi Winters; writer John McNamara, and sales assistant Rebecca Smith. Ryan Frashure said officers raced to the scene, arriving in 60 seconds, and took the gunman into custody without an exchange of gunfire. The article said Ramos had contacted the woman on Facebook and thanked her "for being the only person ever to say, 'Hello, ' or be nice to him in school".

People BAE Systems share price jumps as group lands £20bn contract Down Under
Author: 0 BAE Systems share price jumps as group lands £20bn contract Down Under

The government has said the nine frigates will be built in Adelaide under the control of the state-owned company ASC Shipbuilding. "The sheer scale and nature of this contract puts the United Kingdom at the very forefront of maritime design and engineering and demonstrates what can be achieved by United Kingdom industry and government working hand-in-hand", said May.

People U.S. protesters urge Trump to reverse immigration crackdown
Author: 0 U.S. protesters urge Trump to reverse immigration crackdown

Though many participating in the marches are seasoned anti-Trump demonstrators, others are new to immigration activism, including parents who say they feel compelled to show up after heart-wrenching accounts of children forcibly taken from their families as they crossed the border illegally.

People United States protestors:
Author: 0 United States protestors: "Immigrants Are Welcome Here!"

Although Trump signed an executive order June 20 ending the family separation, the rallies will continue today in protest of the administration's immigration policies . "Instead we are trying to ignore their problem or make it worse". "I didn't like the sight or the feeling of families being separated". MoveOn, CHIRLA, the Black Alliance for Just Immigration, the Women's March LA Foundation and the Council on American- Islamic Relations were among the many groups participating.

People Identity thief drains bank account of 112-year-old Texas man
Author: 0 Identity thief drains bank account of 112-year-old Texas man

Volma wouldn't say how much money was taken but called it a "significant amount". "We found out that this money was being used to buy saving's bonds". He said it's not hard to find information on Overton with all of his notoriety but he isn't certain how the thieves got a hold of his social security number.

Author: 0 Almost 600 Arrested in DC Amid Protests of 'Zero Tolerance' Immigration Policy

Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) makes arrests and otherwise enforces the administration's immigration crackdown, but an emerging coalition of politicians, activists and pro-immigrant protesters has begun calling for the dismantling of ICE.

People Iranians must stand together to
Author: 0 Iranians must stand together to "bring America to its knees" - Rouhani

Three years after its unanimous endorsement by the Security Council, the Iranian nuclear deal is "at a crossroads", the United Nations' top political official said on Wednesday. "It is important that the resumption of the Isfahan UCF provides for the fulfillment and execution of the supreme leader's order to prepare for an increase in enrichment capacity".

People Supreme Court vacancy puts Murkowski in the middle, again
Author: 0 Supreme Court vacancy puts Murkowski in the middle, again

Trump's nominee must win confirmation by the Senate. Republicans hold a narrow 51-49 majority in the chamber and Trump can ill afford any defections. "I like them all", he said. The native of IN who attended Harvard for college and law school, served as a Supreme Court law clerk, and worked IN the Reagan White House counsel's office, has always been on a trajectory to the highest echelons of the law.

Author: 0 Trump administration may detain migrant families longer than previously allowed

Multiple women were arrested for participating in an anti-Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) protest, which took place in the Hart Senate office building on Thursday. Among them were a Washington state congresswoman, the lawmaker said on Twitter . More than 700 marches on Saturday are drawing hundreds of thousands of people across the country, from immigrant-friendly cities like Los Angeles and New York City to conservative Appalachia and Wyoming under the banner Families Belong ...

Author: 0 French President Emmanuel Macron reinstates national service for all 16-year-olds

The latest watered down version is called Universal National Service and is expected to cost €1.6 billion (S$2.5 billion) a year to run. But the idea raised hackles in the army, which is already stretched thin by anti-terrorism patrols and operations at home and overseas and which feared being saddled with the cost, estimated by the working group at around $1.86 billion a year.

People Mourners remember 5 people slain at the Capital Gazette in Annapolis, Md
Author: 0 Mourners remember 5 people slain at the Capital Gazette in Annapolis, Md

He is held without bond. Ramos grew up in Severn, about 20 miles (32 kilometres) from Annapolis , and attended Arundel High School, graduating in 1997. The president has previously called the news media " the enemy of the American people ". Maryland Governor Larry Hogan ordered state flags to be lowered to half-staff .

People Washington leaders react to ruling upholding Trump travel ban
Author: 0 Washington leaders react to ruling upholding Trump travel ban

The ruling ends a fierce fight in the courts over whether the policy amounts to an unlawful Muslim ban, while also confirming broad presidential powers over immigration and national security policy, the report said. The administration says that the countries on the ban "remain deficient at this time with respect to their identity-management and information-sharing capabilities, protocols, and practices".

People Newspaper gunman worked methodically, blocked exit
Author: 0 Newspaper gunman worked methodically, blocked exit

A 38-year-old named Jarrod Ramos , who had a long-running dispute with the paper, has been charged with five counts of murder, according to court documents posted online by USA media. Prosecutors say Jarrod W. Ramos opened fire Thursday in the newsroom. Journalists crawled under desks and sought other hiding places, describing agonizing minutes of terror as they heard his footsteps and the repeated blasts of the weapons.

People Trump, Putin to meet in Finland
Author: 0 Trump, Putin to meet in Finland

Trump's National Security Adviser John Bolton spent the day prior, ironing out details for the meeting with Putin and top political brass in Russian Federation on Wednesday , according to Kremlin adviser Yuri Ushakov. Schumer tweeted in response to an earlier message from Trump in which he parroted the Russian government's denial that it had nothing to do with meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

Author: 0 Comedian claims he prank called Trump, posing as Sen. Bob Menendez

Add Donald Trump as an interest to stay up to date on the latest Donald Trump news , video, and analysis from ABC News. The White House did not respond to repeated requests for comment. The entire situation was recorded on the comedian's podcast, which you can listen to here . The call reportedly took place Wednesday evening as Trump flew back from a rally in North Dakota .

Author: 0 GM warns against potential vehicle tariffs

Flavio Volpe, the president of the Automotive Parts Manufacturers' Association, said the tariffs would cause "carmageddon" and see the industry "grind to an immediate halt". President Donald Trump has repeatedly threatened to impose a 20 percent vehicle import tariff. About 80 percent of what Ford sells in the built in the United States.

People EU's Juncker says to visit Trump in Washington in July
Author: 0 EU's Juncker says to visit Trump in Washington in July

Tusk and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker also cancelled a news conference scheduled for Thursday evening. Europe's relations with the United States could do with less drama, the European Union's chief executive said on Friday, chiding Washington for seeking to deal with member states on a bilateral basis rather than the bloc as a whole.

People Pamplin Media Group - Police move in on ICE protesters
Author: 0 Pamplin Media Group - Police move in on ICE protesters

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez , the 28-year-old who stunned the country when she unseated the Democratic heavyweight Joe Crowley in a primary for New York's 14th congressional district earlier this week, has also campaigned on abolishing Ice .

Author: 0 Comedian successfully prank calls Trump, security concerns raised

How did he do it? According to the comedian, senior White House adviser Jared Kushner returned the call, connecting him to Trump. "Menendez's assistant, and we'd like to talk to the President.' They said they'd call me back, and then they called back on cellphone", Melendez recalled.

People OPCW gets power to identify perpetrators
Author: 0 OPCW gets power to identify perpetrators

Though the use of chemical weapons is illegal under global law, the taboo on deploying them has been eroding after their repeated use in the Syrian civil war, but also in Iraq, Malaysia and Britain since 2012. Moscow is thought to oppose such probes as they might unearth further evidence that suggest Bashar al-Assad's regime carried out numerous chemical attacks on opposition areas in Syria during the country's civil war.

People Gunman attacks journalists at Maryland newspaper, 5 dead
Author: 0 Gunman attacks journalists at Maryland newspaper, 5 dead

No motive for the shooting has been given as of this writing. He was identified using facial recognition software, according to one law enforcement source. The company runs multiple newspapers out of its Annapolis office. "Our hearts are with the family", she told CNN . Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, R, said also commended the quick police response.

People Doug Ford sworn in as Ontario's new premier
Author: 0 Doug Ford sworn in as Ontario's new premier

He has not yet said when he will recall the legislature but maintains he wants to start working on his plan for the province quickly and has already set the wheels in motion on several of his proposals. "I think it suggests that, in an attempt to keep his cabinet as small or efficient as possible, he was. going for the people who he knows will present his agenda and who he knows will have the experience to perhaps balance the fact that he is not only a new premier but a new (member of the ...

People Migration Challenge Is Make-Or-Break for EU, Says Merkel
Author: 0 Migration Challenge Is Make-Or-Break for EU, Says Merkel

It noted how other governments had offered to help after Italy refused to admit the rescue ship Aquarius, which docked later in Spain, and Lifeline, which went to Malta . Merkel, for years Europe's most powerful leader, now risks seeing her fragile coalition collapse if she can not reach migrant deals with other countries including Italy's new government of far-right and anti-establishment parties.

People Prince William visits flashpoint Jerusalem mosque compound
Author: 0 Prince William visits flashpoint Jerusalem mosque compound

The prince casually smiled and waved before attending a cultural event on the rooftop of a museum where he met young people engaged in youth activism, social impact and the environment. For the 36-year-old William , it marks a high-profile visit that could burnish his global credentials. "It's not a time when he can come and celebrate success in the Middle East peace process or anything of that sort, but it is a time when we can show our interest in the region", Philip Hall, Britain's ...

Author: 0 Maryland paper's staff reports through grief after deadly shooting

Jarrod Ramos , 28, has been identified as the suspect who was arrested after today's active shooting at the Capital Gazette Building in Annapolis, Maryland. Krampf said police had disposed of a suspected explosive device and that the four-story office building was now secure. Ramos sued the paper for defamation in 2012.

People President Heads to ND for MAGA Rally
Author: 0 President Heads to ND for MAGA Rally

Heitkamp stood next to Trump at the White House when he signed a banking deregulation bill into law, alarming some Republicans who anxious he was becoming too close to her. In a preview of the coming U.S. Supreme Court nomination debate, Cramer - to loud applause - thanked Trump for "standing for life". Heitkamp did vote to support Trump-appointed Justice Neil Gorsuch past year.

People Maryland man denied bail in newsroom rampage that killed five
Author: 0 Maryland man denied bail in newsroom rampage that killed five

Wendi Winters , 65, a reporter with "a talent for connecting with the community", according to a former editor. At least two patients were taken to a nearby hospital; their condition was not immediately released. Thank you to all of the First Responders". Later, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders wrote on Twitter that a "violent attack on innocent journalists doing their job is an attack on every American".

Author: 0 Comedian Prank Called Trump On Air Force One Pretending As US Senator

At one point in the call, Trump says that he is on Air Force One, flying back from a rally in North Dakota , which would mean that the conversation occurred on Wednesday night. He did not specify what he was referring to, but New Jersey's Senator Menendez recently won his primary contest, after a hung jury spared him a conviction in a federal bribery case past year.

Author: 0 Sen. Mike Lee: Possible Supreme Court Frontrunner

Trump spent Wednesday night in North Dakota, rallying in favor of Heitkamp's challenger, and telling attendees that Heikamp "will vote "no" to any pick we make for the Supreme Court ", according to an NBC News account of the event . Republicans have a narrow, 51-seat majority, and all eyes will be on a handful of Republicans who have been supportive of abortion rights, and on red-state Democrats facing re-election in November.

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